One Stop Shop for new business models

The One Stop Shop is a public service providing clarification of rules across public authorities in Denmark for new business models.

  • Opdateret 2. oktober 2019

In doubt of rules? - ask here!

Write us if you have any doubts about the rules that applies to your business. We will ensure, that you get a comprehensive response from the relevant authorities.

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One Stop Shop for new business models

The One Stop Shop for new business models, hosted by the Danish Business Authority, is a single point entry that helps businesses ease their way through the regulatory landscape and bring their ideas to market quickly.

The service is free of charge and is established to ensure that companies can receive a swift clarification of questions related to rules and new business models. Your question could be about rules on the use of new technology, data, e-commerce, digital platforms and recycling of products.


      We coordinate answers to your questions about regulation across ministries:

      • You will receive a personal confirmation that we have received you question. We will make sure that we have all relevant information before proceeding. We will keep information confidential on your request.
      • We contact other authorities and give you a collected answer across ministries.
      • We analyze regulation in neighboring countries to inspire new solutions in a Danish context - possibly based on your inquiry. 

      Questions are submitted via this homepage in the upper right corner or directly via e-mail to

      The Danish Business Authority will coordinate an answer across relevant authorities if your question relates to more than one authority.

      You can also submit an inquiry if you experience that a rule is a barrier for bringing your idea to market. In that case the Danish Business Authority will investigate the possibility of changing existing rules, the implementation and interpretation of the law – and look into solutions in neighboring countries.

      You can expect a personal answer that creates clarity about the rules of relevance to your question and your business model. We will treat your information confidential and decide the next steps in dialog with you.

      If your inquiry points towards regulatory barriers the Danish Business Authority will investigate existing rules, to see if they can be changed and adapt better to your business model without compromising the objective of the law.

      All companies and entrepreneurs working with new business models or new technology can ask questions if they experience any doubt of existing rules and legislation. The One Stop Shop especially focuses on helping companies that work within:

      • The sharing economy: (Digital) platforms enabling rent, trade and sharing of products or services.
      • The circular economy: Busines models that includes focus on recycling of products, low carbon efficiency or other green measures incorporated in the business model.
      • E-commerce: Business models that focus on trading of products online.
      • Data and new technology: Business models that focus on digital technologies, data, new hardware combinations, robotics, automation, Internet of Things, mobility services and more. 

      The One Stop Shop is driven by the Danish Business Authority. The purpose is to ensure prosperous conditions in Denmark, and provide guidance in rules, for companies working within the circular economy, the sharing economy, new digital technologies and business models and e-commerce.